VU-English 102
                                      English 102   

He who establishes his argument by noise and command shows that his reason is weak.   
-Michel De Montaigne, essayist (1533-1592)

NBK Bremerton Section
 Becky Cooper

Vincennes University Office, Bldg. 853
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Course Description In English 102 students will analyze and produce essays, with an emphasis on argumentation, working both independently and cooperatively to gather, evaluate, and synthesize the necessary information. Class activities include interactive lectures, small group and class discussions, informal debates, and library research.

Important Note:

The process of argumentation enables us to clarify and develop our own responses to important issues, and a significant part of that process involves dialogue with both those who share our opinions and those who do not. In order to participate responsibly and effectively in meaningful dialogue, we must maintain an attitude characterized by openness, responsibility, rationality, and respect for all participants.

Course Outcomes By the end of this course, students will have demonstrated their
ability to do the following:

Analyze and evaluate deductive and inductive arguments
Use precise terms to describe the types and quality of arguments
Identify and respond to important local and global issues, both orally and in
Use logical reasons and strong evidence to support clearly stated positions on significant issues, both orally and in writing
Establish the credibility of sources cited in oral and written arguments
Tailor the content and style of both spoken and written arguments to a particular audience and purpose
Eliminate errors in diction, grammar, spelling, and mechanics from submitted
drafts of arguments, using a handbook and dictionary, as needed
Conduct research using a variety of library and online sources
Document sources clearly according to MLA, APA, or CMS guidelines
Participate responsibly and effectively in class activities and the group project as a valued member of the class learning community

Eligibility Students who have completed English 101 with a grade of 2.0 are eligible for English 102.

 Required Textbooks and Materials
Vesterman, William. Reading and Writing Short Arguments, 3rd ed. Mayfield.
Textbook Support Site (helpful additional resources!)
Lester, James D. Writing Research Papers: A Complete Guide, 9the ed. Longman.
8-1/2 X 11" binder with dividers for assignment portfolio

Recommended Books
           College-level English dictionary

Essays (Claims of Fact, Value, and Policy) During the quarter you will write and revise two  2-3 page homework essays (claim of fact and claim of value) in addition to a timed diagnostic essay and a 12-15 page claim of policy group research paper (including a prospectus and critique). Final drafts should be typewritten or word processed-12 point, double spaced. Pre-writing and drafts will be collected with the final version. Graded essays will be returned to you before the following paper is due (generally one to two weeks after submission, depending on the size of the class).

Reading Assignments Analysis of arguments in the textbook will be done during class, but you will be asked to read the relevant selections ahead of time.

Grammar Assignments Individual grammar assignments will be given, as needed.

Quizzes Quizzes may be given, as needed, to reinforce new vocabulary and concepts.

Editorial Journal  (Distributed to partners on first class meeting of each week)
You will write a one-page (minimum), typewritten or word processed (12 pt. plain font, double spaced) journal entry each week on a current or enduring issue (arguable topic) of your choice. It will be in response to an article, an editorial, or a letter to the editor in any magazine or newspaper. You will exchange entries with a partner on the first class meeting of each week and write a response to his or her ideas. Your homework responses will also be a minimum of one typewritten page (same format as the original entry) and the article or a copy of the article must be stapled to the entry and response. I will collect the entry AND the response on the final class meeting of the week and will return them the following week. I will assign credit based on completion of assignment as directed.

 Portfolio You are required to maintain a portfolio of ALL English 102 work in a binder.  Please organize your work according to type of assignment and include a table of contents. The portfolio will receive a midterm grade (date TBA) and a final grade during the last week of class.

Group Research Project  Small groups will work together to produce a group paper, which they will also present to the class in a panel format during the final week of class. Each group member will be held accountable for an assigned segment of the task, and a grade will be awarded for each segment as well as for the complete essay. You will submit a written evaluation of each group member's contribution to the project.

Midterm and Final  The midterm and final, consisting of approximately 30 items each, will cover course vocabulary and will involve identifying inductive and deductive arguments, as well as common logical fallacies.  You will be given a study guide for each of the exams so you will know exactly what to expect.

Final Revision Project  At the end of the course, you will submit a folder containing copies of your first two claims essays (Xerox copies of original drafts and prewriting attached) plus a final revision of each one.

Timed Freewriting  Class sessions will sometimes begin with a short timed freewrite about whatever is on your mind. I will collect them immediately and assign credit. Latecomers will not receive credit. These cannot be made up.

Participation  Active participation in class activities is required for success in this course. Your grade will be lowered for more than one unexcused absence (duty days are excused, but you must make up the work).

Conferences If you would like extra help with any of the assignments,  please feel free to e-mail me or schedule a time to meet with me on the second floor or Bldg. 853.  

Claims Essays, including Final Revision Project     20%     
Group Project                                                               30%
Editorial Journal                                                           20%
Midterm and Final                                                        10%
Class assignments, quizzes, and participation         20%
(including portfolio)                                                      
Class assignments may not be made up if your absence is unexcused.          
Deliberate plagiarism will result in an F in the course and possible dismissal from Vincennes University.

 University and Site Policies

Class Closures: If you wish to verify any possible class closures, please telephone the instructor, not the business offices.

Incomplete Grade: A grade of Incomplete will only be recorded in cases of emergency (with written documentation) when the student has completed all but some small item of the course.  The instructor must be notified immediately, and the course must be completed within three weeks after the end of the semester. An official Incomplete Contract must be filled out by the Instructor and signed by the instructor, site director, and the student and submitted with the instructor's Final Grade Sheet.  No “I” grades can be used without this documentation.

Grade Scale & Grade Allotment:
4.0 = A
(95 +)
3.0 = B
2.0 = C
3.7 = A-
2.7 = B-
1.0 = D
3.3 = B+
2.3 = C+
0.0 = F
(below 57)
Text Loan and Fines:  When you use the Loan System, you will sign out your books from the Central Office.  There will be one week after the semester ends to turn in your textbooks.  The only place texts can be returned is to the Business Office at PSNS.  Your instructor cannot accept textbooks.  Thereafter, the student's account will be charged for the full replacement price of the text.  

Student Conduct/Cheating/Plagiarism: All instances of deliberate cheating, including plagiarism, result in immediate failure of the course and referral to the Site Director for disciplinary action.

 Drop Date:  The official Drop Date TBA.
ADD Date:  The official ADD Date is one week following the beginning of the term.
If a student discontinues attendance but does not complete an official Drop Form by the drop date, all tuition and fees become the responsibility of that student.  Instructors cannot “drop” students from classes.  Use the current VU Dateline for important dates related to your schedule.

TA Vouchers:  Tuition Vouchers must be submitted no later than the ADD Date.  Students will not be able to check out textbooks unless Tuition Vouchers are submitted.  If vouchers have not been submitted by the ADD Date, payment for full tuition will immediately become the responsibility of the student.  If payment is not received by the DROP Date, the student will no longer be able to attend class.

Refunds:  Assuming a zero beginning balance, all student payments made for tuition during the registration period for a particular semester, will be refunded 100% through the posted Drop Date for that semester.  No refunds will be made after the Drop Date unless a student has completed an official Drop Form.

 Class Discussion List

Homework Assignment
Due at the third class meeting:
Read pages 1-26 in Reading and Writing Short Arguments.
Go to the Presentations page and review the PowerPoint presentations that we discussed in class (Arguable Statements, Distinguishing Types of Information, Strategies for Written Argument, and Analysis of Diagnostic Argument).
Send me an e-mail confirming that you've found this Web page and have read the material related to your course.  Please sign up for the listserv.  You should already have received an invitation.
Free write for 20 minutes to an hour on the substance you will write about in your claim of fact essay (any substance that people voluntarily ingest--write to me for approval if you're not sure you're on the right track).  Write down everything you know about the substance and everything you would like to know.  Begin looking at possible sources--you will need at least three quality sources for this short paper.  
You may choose to incorporate your weekly journal into this assignment and use an article about the controversy surrounding the substance you have chosen.  You will share your journals and claim of fact freewriting in class next Monday.

 Homework Assignment
Bring copies of several articles you might use as sources for your claim of fact essay.  If you don't already have a Kitsap Regional Library card, go get one.  (This still applies, although I've added an update below.)


1. Sign up for the class listserv and look over the files and links.
2. Find several possible sources of support (articles will be fine) for your claim of fact paper and bring copies of them to class.

During the second class period, we'll discuss them and also review how to document sources and assess credibility of sources. See you in class!